Busy Yet Bored


I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting every Tuesday. 

Summer is surprisingly busy!

My family got a new puppy… She’s a lab mix. Also, she doesn’t get along with my other dog very well yet. We’re training them both (neither has had very much exposure to other dogs-well obviously the puppy hasn’t, but…) and they’re getting better!

Also, I’ve got a date! There’s this really awesome girl who’s technically non binary, but does not prefer one pronoun set over the other at the moment, and I asked her out. 

She’s a grade below me and we don’t know each other super well, but we just finished a week long day camp about forensics. We had fun. 

So that’s coming up. My life is SUPER boring these days… Busy, but like, with boring life stuff. Anyway, I have some interesting stuff coming up, so I should be posting more in the near future. 

ALSO, like or comment if you think Keemit should stay on the blog! He’s a valuable member and could use your support. Even a simple like will help! 

Love you all! 😘


Should I Be Back?


Greetings everyone..

Kermit here. I haven’t posted in a long time and I’m sorry for that. However, I don’t really know if I’ll continue posting after this. Over the past few months, I’ve felt myself drifting again, being pulled into the sadness and the loneliness. I’ve been having a harder time connecting with others and thinking about this, I realized that not many of you, or, none of you, like or comment on my posts. I think it might just be me and if it is, if you find me to be of some annoyance or just not able to connect, let me know and I’ll turn full control back over to Cece and Muffin. I wanted to join this blog because I want to impact and help others, but a big part of that is whether or not said ‘others’ are able to connect to me. Sorry, again, if this is just annoying, but please tell me if I am someone you want to hear from again. If not, I’ll go.

Have a great life, y’all.

Love, Kermit.

Summer so Far


It’s finally that great time of year, Summer break!!! So far I’ve gone swimming, I just recently learned how to swim, and I think i’m getting better everytime, but it still is kind of scary to me. I also went to Roger Williams zoo and was able to ride a camel. It wa amazing and surprisingly high up.I almost ended up getting whacked in the head with a branch though.And yesterday I went to Newport we walked around a bit and had some really good clam cakes and french fries. After that we ended up going on a narrated boat tour which was really fun and relaxing. We then headed down to the beach and bought a really cute kite shaped like a turtle. I actually think this is the first time I really have ever properly flown an actual kite. Tomorrow I’m going to see fireworks then on the weekend I’m going to my Aunt’s for a cookout/pool party.Leave in the comments what you’ve done this summer so far. Bye till next time 🙂

I’m So Very Wrong


Why can’t I feel anything anymore? 

My heart has gone so very cold… 

Don’t leave me here all lonely, 

Please don’t leave me. 

It all hurts so very much, 

But that burn is slowly dying, 

And all that’s left is a… 





Why doesn’t this make any sense? 

Shouldn’t I be burning? 

Rage induced and flaming tears? 

Why can’t I cry? 

That was all I had left. 

And now I have nothing. 

I Swim in Tears


Hey guys! I had this written like three days ago, but I forgot about it and never uploaded. Sorry about that!

What’s up, bitches? It’s Cece and I can’t sleep so I’m here, writing a post, which may not be posted until morning, and I’m impersonating characters from tv shows. (Supernatural’s Charlie, anyone?) 

I’m not crazy, I swear. 

So today, er, yesterday I guess, since it’s very early morning, was my last day of school! Exams ended and I think I did pretty well, and Friday (today) is makeups, which means we don’t have to go in if we don’t have a makeup exam! Woohoo! 

I’m a little sad, though. My favorite teacher (English) is leaving to teach at another school, so I won’t even be able to visit next year 😦 

A whole bunch of people who had her contributed to a huge card, though, which was nice. I’ll miss her. She taught a lot of valuable things, much of it outside the curriculum. 

She inspired me to be myself even when it’s difficult, or to at least never forget who I am inside. The first thing I remember her telling us back in September was that we would be venturing outside our comfort zones throughout the year. I was terrified. But I mean, I did it. I got up in front of my class and gave a speech on homophobia, and it didn’t kill me. I came out in that speech, albeit subtly. And I don’t think I could have without the lessons she taught us about life. 

I’m getting all mushy. 

I spent all afternoon crying today–yesterday–whatever. First because it’s the end if the year and I am truly the most nostalgic person you’ll ever meet. I believe it comes from a deep hatred and slight fear (or at least discomfort) at even the prospect of change. I’m strange, I know, but this helped me on my English final. Don’t ask. 

Then I was crying even more because I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love Willow and Tara, and currently they just got together, which makes me cry with joy, but then I know Tara dies later on, so you know, that’s emotional. 

And then combine that with a cold that leaves me leaking fluids from every hole in my face and you get a crying, coughing, tissue-covered heap of a girl drowning in snot. 

Well, hasn’t this post taken a pleasant turn. I’m going to leave you guys here before I say anything worse. As always, love you all.


Quick edit: I’m much better. I woke up Friday morning with less of a cold and by Saturday I was mostly all better!




You are sad.


Is it happy or nervous?


You are terrified

And angered.

But why?

It’s just chemical reactions.

Not from the heart, But our brain.

It’s strange.

You are controlled,

Just by a tiny piece,

Of gross squishy meat.

It never seems that way though,

it just feels like a magical feeling,

from something that pumps blood.