Should I Be Back?


Greetings everyone..

Kermit here. I haven’t posted in a long time and I’m sorry for that. However, I don’t really know if I’ll continue posting after this. Over the past few months, I’ve felt myself drifting again, being pulled into the sadness and the loneliness. I’ve been having a harder time connecting with others and thinking about this, I realized that not many of you, or, none of you, like or comment on my posts. I think it might just be me and if it is, if you find me to be of some annoyance or just not able to connect, let me know and I’ll turn full control back over to Cece and Muffin. I wanted to join this blog because I want to impact and help others, but a big part of that is whether or not said ‘others’ are able to connect to me. Sorry, again, if this is just annoying, but please tell me if I am someone you want to hear from again. If not, I’ll go.

Have a great life, y’all.

Love, Kermit.





You are sad.


Is it happy or nervous?


You are terrified

And angered.

But why?

It’s just chemical reactions.

Not from the heart, But our brain.

It’s strange.

You are controlled,

Just by a tiny piece,

Of gross squishy meat.

It never seems that way though,

it just feels like a magical feeling,

from something that pumps blood.



Sorry I’m posting so early, I thought  of a poem that I really wanted to share.


It’s killing her,


Can’t you see she’s lost, full of fear.

Uncomfortable in her own skin.

Oh dear!

now she’s crying,

wanting her thoughts to leave.

Runs away, can’t breath,

locked away in her room.

Useless as a broken broom.

She rather be alone,

Alone, where anxiety can’t find her.

She can die in peace,


Is it weird


Is it weird that I wasn’t sad when my brother left, that I didn’t feel any amount of sorrow when my aunt died of cancer on friday. Or that I didn’t feel any empathy when I cut a dead frogs head of in science. I found it fun. Is this wrong that I don’t feel some of these normal emotions when things like this happen. Sometimes I feel broken. Do other people feel this. Have I just learned not to get attached so much that I’m losing the option to empathetic. Am I becoming narcissistic. I hope not. I know that I do have feelings towards people. But when it comes to loss or death, sometimes I feel nothing.Do i seem cold and distant to some people. I am sorry if I don’t  talk much. Well I just do not really know.


Writing and Rollercoasters and Sunburns OH MY


Hey, guys! Cece here! So, since launching our new creative writing segment, we’ve gotten a whole slew of new followers! 


However, we want to hear your writing! Send us a poem, short story, vignette, speech, or whatever else suits your fancy. 

Send yours to or leave us a comment!

I hope this isn’t too much self advertisement. 

On another note, I went to Six Flags this past Saturday with my school. It was really fun, except that afterwards my feet hurt SO BAD. 

Not to mention that I managed to get sunburnt even with sunscreen. 

The worst part was that it was so hot, and we weren’t allowed in the waterpark area. 😦

I love roller coasters, but I didn’t get a chance to go on them all. I don’t think I went on any that weren’t roller coasters, actually. Things like the swings make me sick to my stomach. It’s really weird that rollercoasters don’t, actually. 

We had cheese pizza for lunch (pretty good) and slushies later. I mixed piña colada and mango flavors. It was really tasty, but what isn’t at an amusement park? 

Anyway, comment below if you’ve been to Six Flags and email us with any stories. Thanks for reading guys!

Something Very Important.


Hey guys! Today in English class we got to research and express something that we would like to be an advocate about. I found myself really intrigued on the matter of homeless woman not being or being able to supply themselves with  necessary products such as pads and tampons for that difficult time of month we all experience. This really opened my mind that such a necessity is priced and looked at like a luxury. But to my surprise, some of you may have heard about kotex or maxi handing out free care packets that would last one the entire week. I am so happy that these woman are getting help.

-Muffin out



I know that sometimes I seem like I’m always just your happy go-lucky person who rarely gets angry, mad or sad but I do, I have feelings and they can be hurt. Many people keep commenting on my boyfriend. They say things like ¨you could do better” or ¨why haven’t you broken up with him yet¨ and ¨your boyfriend is stupid why did you date him¨” and that really mess me up and makes me feel sad and like I messed something up. If I ever have had the thought to break up with him or find someone better,I would have. I am happy with who I have managed to gain the affection of and why would I want to change that. I has to hold back tears during geometry because some people were saying these things to me  today. It made me feel horrible, why don’t people know this hurts. I want it to stop. I love him very much and would honestly do anything for him. I realize that you’re just trying to be a good friend, but I know what is best for myself. Please just stop I understand what you’re trying to say but you don’t have to keep repeating it.