I’m done.

I’m done caring

about the people that don’t care.

I spend all my time


and making it all perfect

so no one else suffers.

I try to make everyone

else happy,

but I’m not.

I don’t leave the time

to make myself happy.

and even when I try

to make sure others don’t suffer

because of me,

I fail.

I’m done failing.

I’m done caring.





I Look at You


I look at you

and my heart skips a beat

caught up in your eyes

I trip over my feet

I look at you

and think of the day

when I can love you

without hearing


I look at you

and make the choice

I don’t want to live

without your voice

I look at you

and think “is this love?”

your body against mine

we fit like a glove

I look at you

and there’s a click

you’re the one

I choose,

I pick

In the hallway

I feel a slight shove

but I look at you

and know its love.




Sorry!! I wrote this on Saturday and tried to post it. I was just notified that it never posted. Sorry and enjoy!


So lately, I’ve been trying to make french macarons. They are extremely temperamental and tricky to make. I tried a few times before I got a good outcome and the whole process got me thinking….

Sometimes in life, things do not go as planned.

You have to remember, though: Don’t give up.

I kept trying even though it wasn’t working and when I finally did get the great macarons, it was just such a good feeling!

So, if you want, think of things in life like a macaron: you may not always succeed or it may take a few tries, but if you want it enough and care enough, you’ll get to your destination.

Alright that’s all for this week. Love you guys!

This is Kermit, signing off.




So, I am a big fan of Lady Gaga. I am aware that many people do not favor her and think her overly eccentric, but I think she’s very creative and talented. Her new showing of her talents such as jazz singing and her Sound of Music rendition, are giving much insight into what people are missing.

Gaga has always been an inspiration for me. Whether its her music or her creativity, I find myself drawing ideas from her person.

I know that she might not seem all that interesting to you all but I highly recommend giving her music a listen.

That’s it for today, don’t forget to leave us comments down below!

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Child of my Own


Greetings everyone!

So, Cece posted the other day about wanting kids when she’s grown up. I want to talk somewhere along the same line.

Loneliness is one of my biggest demons, second to anxiety. Whereas many people get nostalgic for younger, simpler times, looking back on when they felt pure and unadulterated joy when with a childhood friend, I tend to get choked by longing. Kind of like reverse-nostalgia.

I want to be older. I want to live in LA, become a youtuber. I want to write and draw and be with someone that I love and that loves me in return. That last one, the sheer not-being-able-to-seriously-be-with-someone part, is what I hate the most.

This is just a stupid fantasy, but I want to have a really good friend, you know? Someone who I can be me around. Someone who I can snuggle with without it being weird. I see him in my mind and I imagine that one night, were snuggling and we look at each other and everything stops. It’s just us. We lean in and kiss and it’s amazing to finally realize that I’m in love with my best friend.

But if I am ever to fall in love, it won’t happen like this. My mind constructed this fantasy.

I have always wanted kids. Ever since I, myself, was a kid, I’ve wanted kids. And now that I have come to terms with who I am, I realize that there will now be many complications. But, somehow, I know that I can’t let complications hold me back from my dreams. I want kids and I will, someday, have them.

That sounded creepy but I hope you understand what I’m saying.

My overall point is this: do not let people or ‘complications’ hold you back from your dreams. I may be young and right now, all my wants seem to be so far away, but I can get through everything and eventually live the life I know I deserve. And so can you.

You are all so wonderful. Keep telling others about us and if you have anything you want to say, leave a comment down below!

This is Kermit, signing off.

Badass Gay?


Greetings all!

Last night, I took part in a school dance. It was a standard school dance: awkward, loud music, young humans moving their bodies against one another in ways that cannot be good for any party. So, yea. It was great fun. Anywho, there is a considerable number of LGBT teens that attend my high school yet only a small margin of them are ‘out’. I think I can comfortably say that I am one of the most boisterous, out there (hehehe) gays in my school.

For the dance, I wore a simple grey button up shirt, black skinny jeans, and combat boots. Along with that, I had a really nice teal bow tie (bow ties are cool!) and so I dyed my hair teal, and painted my nails dark sparkly blue. It all fit together extremely well and I looked super (stereotypically) gay.

Everyone was commenting on how I looked and it was a really big confidence boost.

Anywho that was just a small story!

We’re really starting to grow this blog. Tell people who may be interested and tell us if you have any thoughts on our posts or future post topics. Also, If y’all have any questions or topics that you want one of us to address, please just leave us a comment.

Thanks for reading, this is Kermit, signing off.




My friend, let’s call her S, and I decided to make kale chips. It is surprisingly easy and quick and the result is amazing. I’m aware that kale chips are a big thing now and you’ve probably heard a lot about them but its true. They’re great.

Thats it…you should try them cause they’re also really healthy.

This is Kermit, signing off.