Busy Yet Bored


I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting every Tuesday. 

Summer is surprisingly busy!

My family got a new puppy… She’s a lab mix. Also, she doesn’t get along with my other dog very well yet. We’re training them both (neither has had very much exposure to other dogs-well obviously the puppy hasn’t, but…) and they’re getting better!

Also, I’ve got a date! There’s this really awesome girl who’s technically non binary, but does not prefer one pronoun set over the other at the moment, and I asked her out. 

She’s a grade below me and we don’t know each other super well, but we just finished a week long day camp about forensics. We had fun. 

So that’s coming up. My life is SUPER boring these days… Busy, but like, with boring life stuff. Anyway, I have some interesting stuff coming up, so I should be posting more in the near future. 

ALSO, like or comment if you think Keemit should stay on the blog! He’s a valuable member and could use your support. Even a simple like will help! 

Love you all! 😘


I Swim in Tears


Hey guys! I had this written like three days ago, but I forgot about it and never uploaded. Sorry about that!

What’s up, bitches? It’s Cece and I can’t sleep so I’m here, writing a post, which may not be posted until morning, and I’m impersonating characters from tv shows. (Supernatural’s Charlie, anyone?) 

I’m not crazy, I swear. 

So today, er, yesterday I guess, since it’s very early morning, was my last day of school! Exams ended and I think I did pretty well, and Friday (today) is makeups, which means we don’t have to go in if we don’t have a makeup exam! Woohoo! 

I’m a little sad, though. My favorite teacher (English) is leaving to teach at another school, so I won’t even be able to visit next year 😦 

A whole bunch of people who had her contributed to a huge card, though, which was nice. I’ll miss her. She taught a lot of valuable things, much of it outside the curriculum. 

She inspired me to be myself even when it’s difficult, or to at least never forget who I am inside. The first thing I remember her telling us back in September was that we would be venturing outside our comfort zones throughout the year. I was terrified. But I mean, I did it. I got up in front of my class and gave a speech on homophobia, and it didn’t kill me. I came out in that speech, albeit subtly. And I don’t think I could have without the lessons she taught us about life. 

I’m getting all mushy. 

I spent all afternoon crying today–yesterday–whatever. First because it’s the end if the year and I am truly the most nostalgic person you’ll ever meet. I believe it comes from a deep hatred and slight fear (or at least discomfort) at even the prospect of change. I’m strange, I know, but this helped me on my English final. Don’t ask. 

Then I was crying even more because I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love Willow and Tara, and currently they just got together, which makes me cry with joy, but then I know Tara dies later on, so you know, that’s emotional. 

And then combine that with a cold that leaves me leaking fluids from every hole in my face and you get a crying, coughing, tissue-covered heap of a girl drowning in snot. 

Well, hasn’t this post taken a pleasant turn. I’m going to leave you guys here before I say anything worse. As always, love you all.


Quick edit: I’m much better. I woke up Friday morning with less of a cold and by Saturday I was mostly all better!

Writing and Rollercoasters and Sunburns OH MY


Hey, guys! Cece here! So, since launching our new creative writing segment, we’ve gotten a whole slew of new followers! 


However, we want to hear your writing! Send us a poem, short story, vignette, speech, or whatever else suits your fancy. 

Send yours to lgbtteensadviceblog@gmail.com or leave us a comment!

I hope this isn’t too much self advertisement. 

On another note, I went to Six Flags this past Saturday with my school. It was really fun, except that afterwards my feet hurt SO BAD. 

Not to mention that I managed to get sunburnt even with sunscreen. 

The worst part was that it was so hot, and we weren’t allowed in the waterpark area. 😦

I love roller coasters, but I didn’t get a chance to go on them all. I don’t think I went on any that weren’t roller coasters, actually. Things like the swings make me sick to my stomach. It’s really weird that rollercoasters don’t, actually. 

We had cheese pizza for lunch (pretty good) and slushies later. I mixed piña colada and mango flavors. It was really tasty, but what isn’t at an amusement park? 

Anyway, comment below if you’ve been to Six Flags and email us with any stories. Thanks for reading guys!

Our New Creative Writing Section


I realize this was not actually posted on Wednesday (yesterday), because I saved it as a draft instead of posting it. That is something I would do accidentally. Just keep in mind I wrote this yesterday, so to me it was Wednesday. 

Hey guys, Cece here!

I know it’s Wednesday, but I didn’t post yesterday because today I come bearing news! We now have a new Creative Writing Section!

Basically, we will post stories, poems, or whatever else we care to write.

The even better news: YOU GUYS CAN WRITE FOR US, TOO!

We are accepting submissions of stories, poems, and other types of writing at any time. We will review your story (this could take a short time or it could be longer, so be patient) before deciding whether to post it or not, and we’ll get back to you if we decide not to.

If you want to submit a story, email it to us at:


Just be sure to double check when you email us, because the email has two Ts! 🙂

The last thing I have to give are the rules:

1. If you write a short story, it must be 5,000 words or fewer in length

2. All short stories must be either fiction or about you. We don’t want a story that’s all gossip about the mean girl in your biology class.

3. You have to give us a name (it does not have to be your real name) so we can give credit.

4. It is a possibility that you will not be featured as an author; we have to review your work first.

Thanks for reading guys! Love you all 🙂

Poetry Slam


Hey, Cece here. Check out this cool video of Denice Frohman performing a poem:

(If it turns out the video embedding is uncooperative, click here)

I really love this. I’ve only recently taken to watching slam poetry, but it’s really thought provoking and emotional. You guys should check out some more.

Sorry this is so short I’ve had a busy day and I couldn’t get the video to embed when I first tried to write this post.  I’m not even sure if it will actually work, so I’ve provided a link as seen above. Here it is again: Click here.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you guys next soon!

The Future Is Unpredictable


Hey, it’s Cece. I don’t have any real advice for y’all this week. But I do have something I want to write about. Not exactly a story, or a rant either. Just something I need to write down, and why not here?

I can’t say when it started, but I guess I sort of realized about a week ago that when I’m older–quite a bit older, certainly not ANY time soon by ANY means–I really want to have a child.

Like, I know when you’re a kid you play and someone’s the mom and someone’s the baby, but it seems so far off. And then you get into cooties and grow a little older and the thought is just eww. Never in my life have I had the desire to grow up and be a mom.

I’ve never even thought about the idea of children without a scowl on my face. Even now I grimace. But I’ve realized that when I’m older, when I’m all grown up, I want a little baby of my own.

I laugh when I think about this; I can just picture season five of The X-Files, maybe even season four, but especially season five, with Scully wanting a baby so bad even though she can’t have one. I watched that probably six months ago and even then my lip curled and I asked why she would ever want a kid.

But I almost get it now. Not quite, I’m not mature enough to get it totally. I’m only in high school. But if I find a woman I love, if I get married when I’m older, I want a kid in my future.

Any of you older readers (I’m  not sure how old any of you are, actually) experience this? Tell me in the comments below.

Also, I’ve figured out some ideas for a writing portion of this and I’ll keep you guys updated!

Thanks guys, the time you spend reading my posts means a lot. 🙂

6 Ways to Come Out with Style


Hey guys, Cece here. I’m really sorry I haven’t posted but there’s been a lot going on in my life. For one, I came out to my parents.

It was…difficult. And I don’t really know how I feel about them knowing. We had a bit of an awkward conversation. They told me they love me no matter what and I said ok. And now we all seem to kind of ignore it.

I know a lot of people say it’s a relief to come out. I’m not sure I would say I’m relieved, as in a weight off my shoulders or anything. But I do feel like telling them was the right thing to do.

Also, two days ago was Day of Silence! My school’s GSA sold some buttons and held sign ups for Day of Silence. Each participant got a sticker.

Anyway, coming out and Day of Silence both went well overall, and I’ve been meaning to do a list like the post I did a while ago, so I present to you:


6 Ways to Come Out with Style. 

  1. This is how I did it, so I have to include it. It may not be the easiest for all. I took one of the buttons we were selling and wrote it on the back. Basically, find a gay themed pin/button and write it on the back. Hand it to whom you wish.
  2. This is all over the internet but I stand by it. Bake a cake, cupcake, or anything else you can frost, and spell it out on top in your favorite kind of frosting.
  3. Write a letter to the person. Be as formal as you possibly can. (ex. “I am pleased to inform you that your son, [insert name her] is undeniably gay and wishes you to know.”) Give it to them or leave it where they will find it–make sure it will be them who finds it, not a random person I’m their office building or something.
  4. Sit down and say, “Mom, Dad, we need to get one thing straight.” Pause and look at them. In your most sincere voice, continue, “I’m not.”
  5. Take the most stereotypically gay things you have or find a t-shirt that says something like in the above idea, and wear it around them. Wait for them to ask about it.
  6. Just sit down with them and tell them. Have a nice conversation and then say it. It’s a classic.

Of course, if you suspect your parents might not be accepting and you depend on them, you might want to wait and not put yourself in danger. You can always ask them about their stance on LGBTQ+ rights and see what their opinion is in general before you decide whether you will be safe coming out. 

Thanks for reading, lovelies! 🙂 Talk to you all on Tuesday! (I’m on spring break, so I promise I’ll write on time!) 

Do any of you have coming out stories? Tell us in the comments!