Should I Be Back?


Greetings everyone..

Kermit here. I haven’t posted in a long time and I’m sorry for that. However, I don’t really know if I’ll continue posting after this. Over the past few months, I’ve felt myself drifting again, being pulled into the sadness and the loneliness. I’ve been having a harder time connecting with others and thinking about this, I realized that not many of you, or, none of you, like or comment on my posts. I think it might just be me and if it is, if you find me to be of some annoyance or just not able to connect, let me know and I’ll turn full control back over to Cece and Muffin. I wanted to join this blog because I want to impact and help others, but a big part of that is whether or not said ‘others’ are able to connect to me. Sorry, again, if this is just annoying, but please tell me if I am someone you want to hear from again. If not, I’ll go.

Have a great life, y’all.

Love, Kermit.


Living a Pixelated Life


Living a pixelated life,

not everything is clear.

I’m looking, searching, scrying

for deeper meaning.

Anything but the usual ‘queer’.

Soon I’ll be free

from this four-sided trap.

I’m scratching, pushing, pulling

just to get out.

I’m fed up and done with this crap.

Where is he that I’ll hold in my arms?

I want to unhook my brain

from these tube-fed farms.

One day the worlds will collide.

Pixel meets organic

and I’ll be me

with pride.



I’m done.

I’m done caring

about the people that don’t care.

I spend all my time


and making it all perfect

so no one else suffers.

I try to make everyone

else happy,

but I’m not.

I don’t leave the time

to make myself happy.

and even when I try

to make sure others don’t suffer

because of me,

I fail.

I’m done failing.

I’m done caring.






Fire is alive




Fire breaths

need air



Fire is colours




Fire engulfs




Fire gives life




Fire is alive




Greetings everyone! Just a little inspiration-piece, hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget to leave us comments and email us. 🙂 This is Kermit, signing off.

I Look at You


I look at you

and my heart skips a beat

caught up in your eyes

I trip over my feet

I look at you

and think of the day

when I can love you

without hearing


I look at you

and make the choice

I don’t want to live

without your voice

I look at you

and think “is this love?”

your body against mine

we fit like a glove

I look at you

and there’s a click

you’re the one

I choose,

I pick

In the hallway

I feel a slight shove

but I look at you

and know its love.




Sorry!! I wrote this on Saturday and tried to post it. I was just notified that it never posted. Sorry and enjoy!


So lately, I’ve been trying to make french macarons. They are extremely temperamental and tricky to make. I tried a few times before I got a good outcome and the whole process got me thinking….

Sometimes in life, things do not go as planned.

You have to remember, though: Don’t give up.

I kept trying even though it wasn’t working and when I finally did get the great macarons, it was just such a good feeling!

So, if you want, think of things in life like a macaron: you may not always succeed or it may take a few tries, but if you want it enough and care enough, you’ll get to your destination.

Alright that’s all for this week. Love you guys!

This is Kermit, signing off.




So, I am a big fan of Lady Gaga. I am aware that many people do not favor her and think her overly eccentric, but I think she’s very creative and talented. Her new showing of her talents such as jazz singing and her Sound of Music rendition, are giving much insight into what people are missing.

Gaga has always been an inspiration for me. Whether its her music or her creativity, I find myself drawing ideas from her person.

I know that she might not seem all that interesting to you all but I highly recommend giving her music a listen.

That’s it for today, don’t forget to leave us comments down below!

This is Kermit, signing off.