Busy Yet Bored


I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting every Tuesday. 

Summer is surprisingly busy!

My family got a new puppy… She’s a lab mix. Also, she doesn’t get along with my other dog very well yet. We’re training them both (neither has had very much exposure to other dogs-well obviously the puppy hasn’t, but…) and they’re getting better!

Also, I’ve got a date! There’s this really awesome girl who’s technically non binary, but does not prefer one pronoun set over the other at the moment, and I asked her out. 

She’s a grade below me and we don’t know each other super well, but we just finished a week long day camp about forensics. We had fun. 

So that’s coming up. My life is SUPER boring these days… Busy, but like, with boring life stuff. Anyway, I have some interesting stuff coming up, so I should be posting more in the near future. 

ALSO, like or comment if you think Keemit should stay on the blog! He’s a valuable member and could use your support. Even a simple like will help! 

Love you all! 😘


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