Summer so Far


It’s finally that great time of year, Summer break!!! So far I’ve gone swimming, I just recently learned how to swim, and I think i’m getting better everytime, but it still is kind of scary to me. I also went to Roger Williams zoo and was able to ride a camel. It wa amazing and surprisingly high up.I almost ended up getting whacked in the head with a branch though.And yesterday I went to Newport we walked around a bit and had some really good clam cakes and french fries. After that we ended up going on a narrated boat tour which was really fun and relaxing. We then headed down to the beach and bought a really cute kite shaped like a turtle. I actually think this is the first time I really have ever properly flown an actual kite. Tomorrow I’m going to see fireworks then on the weekend I’m going to my Aunt’s for a cookout/pool party.Leave in the comments what you’ve done this summer so far. Bye till next time 🙂


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