I Swim in Tears


Hey guys! I had this written like three days ago, but I forgot about it and never uploaded. Sorry about that!

What’s up, bitches? It’s Cece and I can’t sleep so I’m here, writing a post, which may not be posted until morning, and I’m impersonating characters from tv shows. (Supernatural’s Charlie, anyone?) 

I’m not crazy, I swear. 

So today, er, yesterday I guess, since it’s very early morning, was my last day of school! Exams ended and I think I did pretty well, and Friday (today) is makeups, which means we don’t have to go in if we don’t have a makeup exam! Woohoo! 

I’m a little sad, though. My favorite teacher (English) is leaving to teach at another school, so I won’t even be able to visit next year 😦 

A whole bunch of people who had her contributed to a huge card, though, which was nice. I’ll miss her. She taught a lot of valuable things, much of it outside the curriculum. 

She inspired me to be myself even when it’s difficult, or to at least never forget who I am inside. The first thing I remember her telling us back in September was that we would be venturing outside our comfort zones throughout the year. I was terrified. But I mean, I did it. I got up in front of my class and gave a speech on homophobia, and it didn’t kill me. I came out in that speech, albeit subtly. And I don’t think I could have without the lessons she taught us about life. 

I’m getting all mushy. 

I spent all afternoon crying today–yesterday–whatever. First because it’s the end if the year and I am truly the most nostalgic person you’ll ever meet. I believe it comes from a deep hatred and slight fear (or at least discomfort) at even the prospect of change. I’m strange, I know, but this helped me on my English final. Don’t ask. 

Then I was crying even more because I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love Willow and Tara, and currently they just got together, which makes me cry with joy, but then I know Tara dies later on, so you know, that’s emotional. 

And then combine that with a cold that leaves me leaking fluids from every hole in my face and you get a crying, coughing, tissue-covered heap of a girl drowning in snot. 

Well, hasn’t this post taken a pleasant turn. I’m going to leave you guys here before I say anything worse. As always, love you all.


Quick edit: I’m much better. I woke up Friday morning with less of a cold and by Saturday I was mostly all better!


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