Is it weird


Is it weird that I wasn’t sad when my brother left, that I didn’t feel any amount of sorrow when my aunt died of cancer on friday. Or that I didn’t feel any empathy when I cut a dead frogs head of in science. I found it fun. Is this wrong that I don’t feel some of these normal emotions when things like this happen. Sometimes I feel broken. Do other people feel this. Have I just learned not to get attached so much that I’m losing the option to empathetic. Am I becoming narcissistic. I hope not. I know that I do have feelings towards people. But when it comes to loss or death, sometimes I feel nothing.Do i seem cold and distant to some people. I am sorry if I don’t  talk much. Well I just do not really know.



2 thoughts on “Is it weird

  1. I just wanted to say that you’re not alone. When my brother left to another city, I felt nothing. But the thing is: he’s my best friend. My grandma from my father’s side just died. And I didn’t feel thing, but I wasn’t close to her though. For some part I think you and I just have the capacity to care for little people, and that being away from people you like doesn’t matter that much. Well, that’s what I figured from your post. For example, at the last day of school, when my classmates are all crying and saying goodbye until next year, I’m just standing there, not feeling a thing.
    About the frog… well, I was writing a post on that kind of subject, so when it comes out maybe if you read it It’ll help. It will help myself as I write it.
    Anyway, hope this helped!


  2. Hey, sometimes it’s normal to feel this way. You may not if felt sad when your brother left because you know you’ll see him again. For your aunt, she’s no longer suffering so you could feel relief for her. However I’m s little unsure about the frog. Possibly just to interested in your lesson and learning.


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