Sorry!! I wrote this on Saturday and tried to post it. I was just notified that it never posted. Sorry and enjoy!


So lately, I’ve been trying to make french macarons. They are extremely temperamental and tricky to make. I tried a few times before I got a good outcome and the whole process got me thinking….

Sometimes in life, things do not go as planned.

You have to remember, though: Don’t give up.

I kept trying even though it wasn’t working and when I finally did get the great macarons, it was just such a good feeling!

So, if you want, think of things in life like a macaron: you may not always succeed or it may take a few tries, but if you want it enough and care enough, you’ll get to your destination.

Alright that’s all for this week. Love you guys!

This is Kermit, signing off.


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