I know that sometimes I seem like I’m always just your happy go-lucky person who rarely gets angry, mad or sad but I do, I have feelings and they can be hurt. Many people keep commenting on my boyfriend. They say things like ¨you could do better” or ¨why haven’t you broken up with him yet¨ and ¨your boyfriend is stupid why did you date him¨” and that really mess me up and makes me feel sad and like I messed something up. If I ever have had the thought to break up with him or find someone better,I would have. I am happy with who I have managed to gain the affection of and why would I want to change that. I has to hold back tears during geometry because some people were saying these things to me  today. It made me feel horrible, why don’t people know this hurts. I want it to stop. I love him very much and would honestly do anything for him. I realize that you’re just trying to be a good friend, but I know what is best for myself. Please just stop I understand what you’re trying to say but you don’t have to keep repeating it.


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