Okay so it is time for another rant by me, Muffin,I just want to talk about gender equality between men and woman. My first rant will talk about the fact that men are superior to woman because they  need them to reproduction, this sounds a little crazy but that is not all true. There have been studies that proven females can take DNA from others females muscle or bone  and can be transferred into the egg, causing a fetus to grow, so men are basically useless to the world. Also why are women still getting paid less for the same jobs, even if we are the better worker, this it makes no sense to me UGGGHHH. I really don’t understand are some people just that thick, it really frustrates me. Even the little things like microscopic pockets and expensive clothes. There is the scary part of being a woman which is constant fear of rape, I do understand that many men have been rapedd  too,but is is mostly woman. We are not sacks of meat for anyone to harm or use as a play thing. We should not have to always walk in groups because we are scared to be alone at night and during the day. Also people who judges a girl by their clothing style, lets say a woman who likes to wear booty shorts and super tight revealing shirts with large high heels walks in for an interview, you automatically think of her as slutty and unprofessional. Then you read her resume and you see that she went to a school such as harvard or yale, and has a phd in business,and top scores.Would you hire her based on who she is or on what she looks likes. Also I do not mean to sound like I hate the male race or I think that all of them are bad, if you have any similar ideas or your are against what I think comment on this post with your opinions but please be friendly about it, I apologize if I sound a bit harsh or mean, it;s just my opinion.


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