The Future Is Unpredictable


Hey, it’s Cece. I don’t have any real advice for y’all this week. But I do have something I want to write about. Not exactly a story, or a rant either. Just something I need to write down, and why not here?

I can’t say when it started, but I guess I sort of realized about a week ago that when I’m older–quite a bit older, certainly not ANY time soon by ANY means–I really want to have a child.

Like, I know when you’re a kid you play and someone’s the mom and someone’s the baby, but it seems so far off. And then you get into cooties and grow a little older and the thought is just eww. Never in my life have I had the desire to grow up and be a mom.

I’ve never even thought about the idea of children without a scowl on my face. Even now I grimace. But I’ve realized that when I’m older, when I’m all grown up, I want a little baby of my own.

I laugh when I think about this; I can just picture season five of The X-Files, maybe even season four, but especially season five, with Scully wanting a baby so bad even though she can’t have one. I watched that probably six months ago and even then my lip curled and I asked why she would ever want a kid.

But I almost get it now. Not quite, I’m not mature enough to get it totally. I’m only in high school. But if I find a woman I love, if I get married when I’m older, I want a kid in my future.

Any of you older readers (I’m  not sure how old any of you are, actually) experience this? Tell me in the comments below.

Also, I’ve figured out some ideas for a writing portion of this and I’ll keep you guys updated!

Thanks guys, the time you spend reading my posts means a lot. 🙂


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