Badass Gay?


Greetings all!

Last night, I took part in a school dance. It was a standard school dance: awkward, loud music, young humans moving their bodies against one another in ways that cannot be good for any party. So, yea. It was great fun. Anywho, there is a considerable number of LGBT teens that attend my high school yet only a small margin of them are ‘out’. I think I can comfortably say that I am one of the most boisterous, out there (hehehe) gays in my school.

For the dance, I wore a simple grey button up shirt, black skinny jeans, and combat boots. Along with that, I had a really nice teal bow tie (bow ties are cool!) and so I dyed my hair teal, and painted my nails dark sparkly blue. It all fit together extremely well and I looked super (stereotypically) gay.

Everyone was commenting on how I looked and it was a really big confidence boost.

Anywho that was just a small story!

We’re really starting to grow this blog. Tell people who may be interested and tell us if you have any thoughts on our posts or future post topics. Also, If y’all have any questions or topics that you want one of us to address, please just leave us a comment.

Thanks for reading, this is Kermit, signing off.


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