Life and Politics (As Well As I Can Tell Them)


Hey guys and gals, Cece here. I’m so sorry i didn’t post last week! I don’t even have a good excuse. Basically, life got in the way. Don’t you hate when that happens? Life, man…

Anyway, strap you seatbelts, because this is going to be a big post. I want to talk about several things, but the first and biggest is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed in Indiana recently.

I usually am not interested in politics. I find it boring at the best of times, and at the worst it makes me feel like crap. (This falls into the latter category, by the way.) However, this news hit me hard, and I’m not sure why. Is it because I’m getting older and maybe I’m subconsciously paying more attention to things like this? Is it because these days I understand issues like this a little better? Or is it because I am trying to plan how to come out to my family, and this seems like such a step back in our day and age?

Anyway, I think you can guess my position on this. I think the law is a load of crap. In any other time, I would say that it isn’t targeted at the LGBT community. But gay rights is a very large topic these days, and there is no way you can convince me it’s not targeting us.

This act basically allows Christians to refuse to serve gays and lesbians (and all the other peeps in between on the spectrum) on a basis of “religious freedom.” Say, for example, that a gay couple asked a bakery to cater their wedding. This law would essentially allows them to refuse with the reason that it is a “substantial burden” on their religious views.

This is discrimination at its finest, and anyone with eyes and a brain can see it.

I’ve seen articles arguing that this does not in fact discriminate against gays. That it’s just like not forcing a business run by a gay couple to, say, print homophobic things on t-shirts.


These are two very different situations. In the first, someone is refusing to cater a wedding that doesn’t concern them except for which kind of frosting the customers want. All they have to do is make a cake for one wedding. What’s the difference between chocolate cake and vanilla frosting for a man and a woman and chocolate cake and vanilla frosting for two men? And for those arguing that Christians believe it’s wrong and therefore shouldn’t have to cater, I would like to say that 1) it’s not their wedding. It’s the customers’. In any other business, they wouldn’t even know if a customer was gay. 2) Where in the bible does it state that homosexuals are hated by god or that it is even a sin? Nowhere.

In the second, two people are refusing to print t-shirts that promote hate and are personally offensive. How would you feel if you were forced to make a t-shirt that said “Christians Should Go to Hell” or “Girls Are Weak” or any other hurtful thing that applies to any group in society that you personally belong to? In this situation, it is personal, unlike a wedding for one of many clients. In this situation, hate is promoted, whereas a wedding is all about love, no matter who is being married. (BTW, I like to liken this situation to forcing students in schools to paint white t-shirts with the words “Bully [insert group of kids].)

I want to believe that this world is going in the right direction. We have more rights than we used to, right? However, it’s times like this that I believe we take one step forward and two steps back.

On a completely different note… Remember when I told you guys that I wanted to ask this girl to a dance coming up at my school? Well, I did! She even said yes! However, she told me her mother is refusing to let her go.

I’m not sure why. She didn’t specify the reason. For all I know she never even told her mom and it’s all an excuse. (I don’t actually think that… I trust that she’s telling the truth).

I’m just happy I wasn’t shot down when I asked.

Aaannnndddd… My last thought is this: we may or may not start to post fictional short stories to the blog. We all like to write. It could take us a while, but we might also organize a way for you guys to contribute! Give us some time, feedback, or ideas, and this might happen!

Thanks for reading!


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