I’m Kinda cold?


Hey guys, I decided to post early just cuz, i don’t really now. I’m just really bored and as the title states kind of cold so why not tell you guys a story. I got to experience what it feels like to be stuck sitting in a papa ginos for around three hours. For those who don’t know what papa ginos is, it is just another pizza place. I was happy at first because I had the fulfillment of stuffing my face with chicken wings with some honey mustard, but then our pizza came. It was really greasy and hot. When I picked up a slice all of the contents slipped right off and I was left with a slice of soggy bread. After I ate the sloppy mess, my papa decided to tell me that we had to wait for my other family members to arrive from unpacking my Aunts stuff into storage. I waited, and waited, and waited. And waited a little more. Still no one it has been an hour. My brother wants a refill which where free, you just have to ask the lady behind the counter. But my papa did not know that. He proceeded to go by the counter and get it himself,and then he got yelled at. After a long while the lady behind the counter asked what we  were doing and almost got thrown out for loitering. It was finally 7 o’clock and they arrive, and I ate some more greasy pizza. LOL!


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