Hey guys. This is um Muffin. I am sorry that I did not post at all last week something really terrible happened on thursday. I got off the bus, usually when I get home I can here my dad practicing the drums, but that day I didn’t’ hear anything. I walked into the house and walked upstairs, and I saw that he was in the bathroom, so I thought everything was fine.I smile and put my stuff up on my bed and go hang down stairs on my couch. Only a few minutes later  my dad came downstairs and showed me his terrifyingly silted up and bloody wrist. Of course I asked him what had happened. He proceeded to tell me that he purposely did this with one of our stake knives. He was trying to get closer and closer to his vain seeing if he could make it. He was trying to commit suicide, he was trying to tell us he needs help. My dad is mentally ill with a mixture between schizophrenia, bipolar, and depression, lately his doctors have not been giving him the correct medicine. He purposely hurt himself to go to the hospital to get a medicine change.I couldn’t really focus on the website for a while because I had to take care of the house and my little brother all day since my mom was out visiting the hospital. Luckily he is okay and feeling better. He came home on Tuesday and I was so happy. If you are having a tough time with anything please don’t hurt yourself ever, use your words do other things to make people listen. Don’t put yourself in danger.


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