Please Don’t Do That To Yourself


Cece here! I’m going to preface this with an apology for not posting on Tuesday like I was supposed to. Wow, a lot of us are apologizing this week, huh?

I’ve been busy this week, especially because I had a concert for my orchestra at school (I play violin). It was really fun, like always. I’ve been playing since third grade, so I’ve had quite a few concerts.

Anyway, I was busy because of that and general life and school stuff.

The point of my post today was actually supposed to be a lighthearted and fun recap of my week, but I’ve decided to just tell you why I was busy and move on.

I instead want to say something that came to my mind when I read Muffin’s post, and because of one of my friends. Honestly Muffin has already said it, but we can’t stress it enough.

Please don’t resort to harming your own body when you don’t feel good.

I know it can seem hopeless, and the world can seem like such a dark place. But you are beautiful. I don’t say that just to say it. I will be honest: not everyone can be wholly attractive on the outside. Everyone has their own physical flaws. (I hate my nose.)

But as long as you have a good attitude, you will always be beautiful to those who care about you.

Please, do not hurt yourself. Don’t scar yourself. If you feel like you need to do that, please ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

And I don’t necessarily mean asking to see a therapist. I mean to confide in someone you trust. Talk to a friend, a guidance counselor, a parent, a guardian, an aunt…anybody. And, by all means, if you want to see a therapist, ask somebody to help you, or again, talk to a guidance counselor.

You can Even if you talk to us: we are here to help. We might not be able to talk face to face, but we can still type.

And if you ever feel like you want to kill yourself, PLEASE tell somebody. People who care are here to help. Nobody should have to feel so bad they want to die.

I hope you guys are all doing well, and know we are here if you need us.

Thanks so much for reading this and following us! 😚


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