Rant rant rant TIIIIIIME


 Muffin here, Pansexuality is one of the many ignored sexualities. Pansexuals do exist! Pansexuals are not bi,Pansexuals are not attention seeking! AND THEY DON’T LIKE PANS!!!!! Pansexuals are people who are attracted to others regardless of gender. This may seem confusing to some people. “Isn’t that the same thing as bi?” No. To be bisexual means that you are attracted to the same gender as yourself and the opposite gender. Pansexual is being attracted to people regardless of gender. To differentiate, some people have preferences. A bisexual person may have a preference for males, females, nonbinary, or any other gender. Pansexuals typically do not. If a pansexual has a preference it may be something like having tattoos, short hair, or really anything that disregards gender. They may also have a preference for masculinity or femininity (which do not identify a persons gender. Males can be feminine and females can be masculine.) Pansexuals aren’t greedy and they don’t call themselves pan to make them feel “more special” than bisexuals. There’s simply a difference between them and they’d like you to respect that! Basically, everyone should just respect other people’s sexualities because it’s none of your business who someone likes or doesn’t like one way or another! Pansexuals aren’t bi! And people need to stop calling us stupid, monstrous, or fake. Why?






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