A Message of Truth


I want to share something very, very important.

This is for everybody. Young, old, gay, straight, bi, pan, trans, white, black, big, small, short, tall… You get the point.

I started writing this the other day because I had a good day that day. Mostly good, anyway. But I had a few moments at the end of the day where nobody seemed to be listening, and I didn’t fit in the conversation, and you all know how it feels.

It feels absolutely horrible. Like you don’t belong. Like the world has timed this moment where everybody else is busy moving around you and you are left alone just to torture you.

It is the worst feeling to be ignored.

But you musn’t think less of yourself. You must not say, “I am not worthy of their attention, so I am not worthy of anything.” You must not think you are less of a person because everybody else is too busy to notice you.

I know how it can be. Sometimes it feels like you are alone in the fight against the world. But–and this is the important part–I feel the need to stress that you are not unimportant.

You are so very, very precious.

You are something the world has never seen before.

I know this sounds oddly poetic, but hear me out.

You are someone. You are human. And there are seven billion other humans, but none of them are you.

You are important.

I say this because too many people feel they are pushed to the side. That they aren’t noticed, or they aren’t good enough. But I give you my word that not everyone means to push you, that your absence would be noticed. You are better than good enough.

I feel lonely more often than I should. I’ll be frank and say it hurts. Sometimes I feel like crying at night.

But I get through it. You can get through it. You are strong. You have a purpose, and maybe you just don’t need everyone who happens to forget you are there.

The people you do need don’t mean it. They’ll be there for you even if they happen to be distracted for a while. And for those who don’t really care, there is only one thing you should say: goodbye.

I know this is dramatic but it’s necessary. I know and Muffin and Kermit know how it is to feel like this. I think I speak for them too when I write this.

Basically, don’t give up because you feel alone or ignored. There is always someone who loves and cares for you.

Phew. That was long. Thanks for reading. I mean it all with all of my heart! See you guys next Tuesday!


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