Self-Induced Sadness?



So, I’m not sure if I am the only one that actually experiences this, but today I want to talk about self-induced sadness. I am a writer and currently, I’m working on a story in which the main characters are a gay couple. As I write some of the scenes where they show affection towards each other, I find myself getting sad and feeling lonely.

I become jealous of my own creations…

Despite all of this, I know that I’m young. These thing don’t come easily and not usually at my age. It’s just that I resent the prospect of waiting.  😛

Anywho, I hope that maybe one day, y’all can read this story of mine with your loved one and know that the days of loneliness are behind you.

I love you all and I’ll see you next saturday. This is Kermit, signing off.


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