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Hey guys! I do hope that if and when you find this blog that it does help out. I really don’t have anything to talk about really so I might as well tell you a funny story. I am extremely clumsy. I mean, I trip over flat surfaces, fall going up the stairs, and sometimes I randomly lose my balance and stumble over my own feet. I also blank out sometimes and end up not even noticing my actions.This happened when I was moving one. So the car was low on gas and very hungry so we stopped at a gas station and my parents thrust-ed the act of going inside and paying for the pump upon me. Which makes my anxiety meter go way up, my thoughts all flooded to me saying the wrong thing, I managed to get out of the car and then BOOM I blanked out and proceeded to walk straight into the glass door and fall on my behind. The cashier started laughing at my epic fail, and I cried. My dad had to come and take the money from me and pay the pump himself.


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