Muffin here. Having a relationship is freaking weird. I would know because believe it or I am in one. First of all there is the awkwardness in the beginning, for some people you really didn’t know this person that well you have to get through to them and…well, make a new friend. After you and your partner have gone through the tedious process of asking random questions and have gotten to know each other there comes that time for the FIRST DATE! You get all shaken up–I almost died from having some pretty bad social anxiety. I ask my self why would you be nervous of meeting someone you know and like. Then I realize all the things that could go wrong. What if they didn’t like the way I dressed, or thought I was a slob when we ate, what if they never showed up. So yeah wierd. Then there is the feeling after you get, lets say, “settled in” with this person. When they are not around you feel empty and kinda sad, but when you get together you are flooded with crazy emotions and feelings and sometimes that hurts for some reason. Well whether you think it’s weird or I’m just sounding plain crazy is up to you my friend.
Does anybody else relate?


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