So There’s This Girl…


Hey, it’s Cece!
I’m pretty sure everyone has had a crush at some point in their life, and I am no exception. I’m pretty sure I’ve had more crushes, however fleeting, on various classmates and celebrities than most people.
But there’s this one girl at school who I’ve known for a while. She’s a grade ahead of me, but we’re friendly enough.
It’s torture, because I see her somewhat often, and she’s sweet and the nicest person you’d ever meet, but I am ninety four percent certain that she is straight as a pin.
Back in October at homecoming I asked her to dance (it was pretty amazing) but my friends took it upon themselves to ask her if she likes me.
She said she liked me as a friend, if you were wondering. That’s where the last six percent comes in. I am almost hoping that she only said that because it was my friends and not me.
Who knows? Anyway, maybe someday I’ll know but for now it’s a mystery and I’m happy enough with that.
As for right now, I’ll stick with smiling from a distance and being friendly in book club. (We read Eleanor and Park. Comment if you’ve read and liked that.)


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