My hair stinks


Muffin here I know that cece is talking about hair so I was like hey I’ll talk about mine too because I am bored as macaroni. My hair is terrible. You can’t style it. All you can do is straighten it. It is still way too short to even do a braid or to fancily tie it up. It is alway extremely frizzy no matter what. It becomes like a vicious mad electrical octopus after I take off a hat.

The thing is that it’s always in my face and when I put my messenger bag on my hair gets caught under the strap and it’s very painful. I also really want to dye all of it lavender and silver but since I would have to bleach it because it’s really dark brown my mom won’t let me. She say it would ruin my (already useless stupid ugly) hair.

Lots of people think it’s pretty or beautiful but I don’t. I see it as random annoying gross fluff on top of my head.


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