Haircuts and Cute Girls


Hey, it’s Cece. So let me start off by saying that getting a haircut is THE LONGEST process EVER.

No, not the actual cutting part. That’s pretty quick, unless you’re getting some weird style or getting it all chopped off (been there, done that). No, the whole process of finding a style is the hard part, and that added to the actual cutting bit is what makes it so terribly tedious.

Seriously. Okay, so I go on Pinterest and I look for some cute pixie cuts, because it’s Pinterest and it’s chock full of that stuff and that’s the style I want.

Except, there are suddenly these pictures of cute girls on my screen, so naturally I get sort of distracted. Anywho, eventually I find several I like and decide that yes, I will bring these in to show so I don’t have to make a fool of myself trying to describe the look I want.

But no. I still have to make a fool of myself. Because, of course, there are still questions, and yes, that does mean social interaction. And I’m not very good at social interaction.

So finally the hairdresser knows what I’m talking about and my face has gone back to a relatively normal color. But of course, I can’t just sit in peace and relish the feeling of the haircut (I love people doing my hair or fiddling with my hair). Because now we must talk about exactly what brand of hair dye I use.

Which turns into a tangent about about how two of the other hairdressers used to have red hair.

But it’s all worth it in the end, because she did a good job and I can go home and watch The X-Files for the rest of the evening. (Oh look. More attractive women. *cough*Scully*cough*)


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